Things to Do With a Ladylove in a Storm

As children, we all looked forward to the few days a year, when school was cancelled and we got to spend the day at home. Our parents… not so much. Unfortunately, as the years went by we started to adopt their outlook on it. Having to stay home can seem more like a chore than a benefit. Especially if the only thing you can find to pass the time is looking at a comparison of adult dating sites or staring endlessly at whatever television marathon is on for the day. If the weather is particularly bad, or you find yourself without cable or a good satellite signal, here is a few tips for keeping things interesting.

Cook While You Can

“Start cooking and stuffing food in fridge”

One of the most difficult parts of bad weather is dealing with a power outage at your home. Hopefully, most of us have access to gas heaters and wood burning fireplaces or stoves. Especially, in the cases where we don’t, a little bit of forethought will go a long way towards preventing empty stomachs and colder extremities, so if the weather looks bad and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up any time soon, start cooking now; Get the lady of the house involved too, so you can make as much as possible in a short period of time. This can be a great, fun way to make the most of your time together while still being prepared for any disasters ahead.

Focus first on making sure you have enough water on hand. If your pipes freeze or a main bursts, you will find water to be the one thing you really wished you had. Turn it into a competition to get the most out of it in the least amount of time. Finding containers and filling them up with as much water as you can. Fill up the fridge first and then put the rest towards the middle of the house. If the heat goes out, the fridge will remain insulated enough to keep the water from freezing, ironically enough, and keeping the rest in the room easiest to keep warm will do the trick for the excess. Then move on to the food.

We recommend a combination of pre-cooking meat and cooking some soup. Set one of you to each task and have at. If you have any leftovers from earlier in the week, consider repacking them into something you know will keep longer and focus on creating new food while your stove is working and you actually want to be in the kitchen. Although things are more likely to stop working if they rely on electrical power, having a gas stove isn’t an excuse to sit around on when you should probably focus on making it less likely you will go hungry. Besides, when are you going to get out in the midst of such inclement weather for a meet up? Yeah, day dreaming doesn’t really help you here, so shut down the comparison of adult dating sites and start charging things like phones and laptops instead. You never know how long you might have to go without power should the storm or the temperature knock it out, so keeping your connection to the outside world charged up is always a good thing. Anyway, shutting things down for charging also makes it more likely you will actually stick to roasting a bird or simmering some broth while you have the time. In case, you end up browsing for adult dating sites anyway, then make sure that you are on a legit site. To learn more, visit where we have got top site rated for your ease.

Pull out Blankets, Candles, and Board Games

“It is time to relax”

Flashlights, of course, can be a good alternative here, so long as you have the batteries for them to last a while. The point of the activity, however, is to give everyone something to dig through the house for so you can take stock of what you have and know you’ll keep warm if the weather really turns. If you’re looking at some serious winter weather, drag everything to a single room close to the middle of the house and prepare to have one heck of a sleep over. If you have a second floor, we recommend going there to keep as much heat as possible. Something near a bathroom is very helpful as well. Setting up the blankets, sleeping bags, or camping gear beforehand also makes it seem like you’re staging things for a party than battening down the hatches. You and your lady can even practice generating a little body heat with your own games after you blow out the candles.

Use the Electricity While You Can

“Make use of the electricity – watch some good movies”

Having everything on hand and ready doesn’t mean you need to use them right away, however. Just because you’re prepared for the worst doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself for the time being. Once you have food and water squared away, try taking a shower or kicking your feet up for some television while you still have the connection. She’s probably going to prefer taking a hot shower while she still can, so giving her the suggestion not only wins you some time to read a comparison of adult dating sites, but also earned a few points for gentlemanly behavior. Pat yourself on the back, check to make sure your devices are charging and kick back for a good movie.

Sex is More Fun if She Can Clean Up After

“Go for a hot shower after a hot sex session”

Here’s the thing about shacking up in a storm; you never know when everything is going to start working again, or you’ll be able to get out and find somewhere better to be. So while knocking boots may sound like a great idea for getting the blood going the fun way, keep in mind you still have to deal with her after the fact. In our experience, women who can’t expect to get up and find warm water to wash up with after the fact get very grouchy, very quickly for very long. No matter how much they were enjoying themselves in the moment, unless they are pawing you for intimate attention, keep in mind that modern people are used to modern conveniences. For women, that includes being able to clean themselves up after a usually messy activity like sex. So as romantic as this may seem, only engage if you really think you can find her a solution to wanting to be clean again after the fact.

Consider Getting Some Chores Done

“Finish the laundry”

If the laundry has been sitting around for a few days, or you just haven’t had the time to go through your DVD collection and get them on an actual shelf, now is the perfect time to get your put off chores done. Let’s be blunt: you’re stuck at home and will likely be looking for things based on our previous suggestions, cleaning up is only going to help you in the long run. Plus, if you’re stuck at home with your woman you not only have a captive audience to go to for help with said tasks, but a chance to win some points by suggesting them in the first place. So, if you have managed to get some food and water squared away, and in the process of finding the blankets realized the bedroom hasn’t been picked up in some time, telling her to take to the shower if she likes while you clean things up is a great idea. If you find yourself with a more time consuming task, ask her to keep you company; chances are she will end up helping in the end.

Investing? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Investing money on a business requires a great risk that should not be taken for granted. A decision to invest must be thought over well and hard since it can lose or grow your money. The sad thing is that you’re never quite sure whether it does the former or the latter. Although the world of business and investments is utterly unpredictable, you can always make the right decision when you know how to assess the business you’re investing into and what questions to ask yourself before entrusting your money.

  1. How does the business make money?

Of course, as an investor, you should be able to know what you are getting into – that is, what you are actually investing on. Before giving up your money to a certain company, know how it earns its money. Although it is quite an obvious thing to do, some companies do not just make the most of their income through their products. For example, General Motors hardly even make money on their vehicles but on the loans it gets from its consumers in its financing arm. Knowing this, it will at least give you an idea on what risks and potential profits it will give the company.

Investing With Just $50 a Month

Investing With Just $50 a Month

  1. How is the competition going?

Before investing on a company, you also have to know how it’s doing in its market and how its competitors are doing relative to it, as well. Start your analysis with the sales figures of these similar companies. Pay close attention the strength of their sales and if they are better off than their competitors.

  1. How will the economy affect things?

You cannot just depend on the company you are investing in to find out whether you are at an advantage with your investments. Consider whether the company’s performance depends heavily on the state of the economy. You should also pay attention to the latest trends in interest rates – they can affect many industries dramatically.

Investing in Philippines

Investing in Philippines

  1. What threatens to hurt, or even kill, this company?

You might be investing on a company that could easily be shut down because of potential threats looming around it. For example, it could only be catering to just one audience – that would be riskier to invest on, since it might fall the moment that specific audience is lost.

  1. Who runs the show?

Assessing the team that runs the company would be an effective move you should take before investing on it. Notice how the management runs it – if they stick to their core strategies and are consistent of their message. If they do otherwise, and often blames outside forces for their poor performance, you better invest on something else.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Your hard-earned money deserves to be invested to the safe and reliable company. It’s only up to you to find the right companies.

5 Top Noise Cancelling Headphones

The people of the 21st century are very fortunate to have technology making their listening experience very nice. And technology is doing a very good job in making people improve their listening experience. On the market today, there are a lot of noise-cancelling headphones that are improving as the years go by. Here are top 5 noise cancelling headphones that you might want to check out.

A Very Good Noise Canceler

The AKG K 490 NC packs a powerful punch when it comes to cancelling noise. Its quality noise cancellation has always been the envy by its competitors, and not to mention the excellent audio performance it provides. It is also capable of handling high levels of volume without distorting the sound itself. With its ergonomic design, the AKG K 490 NC is very comfortable, and works passively compared with its competitors.

Top 5 Noise Cancellation Headphones

Top 5 Noise Cancellation Headphones

Stylish Design and Ergonomic Feel

The PSB Speakers M4U 2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones is not only very effective in cancelling noise, it also boasts a very comfortable yet stylish design. Its shiny black metal-and-plastic headband is as durable as any headphones in the market. It also keeps on going even though the batteries have been effectively drained. It also produces clear and audible sound, making every music-enthusiast feel very satisfied.

From One of the Premier Headphone Brands

The Bose QuietComfort 15 lives up to the company’s reputation as being one of the industry’s most valuable music source. Even though it has been in the market for quite some time, it still has its edge with its phenomenal noise cancellation. And being the Bose brand that it is, it still has the same, unrivaled sound quality in the market today.

QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones

QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones

Impressive Sound Quality and Design

Harmon Kardon NC won’t let its competitors win, with its excellent finish and fit, unique design. For a noise-cancelling headphone, the Harmon Kardon NC boasts an impressive sound quality. And it has also a built-in rechargeable battery to power its noise cancellation, including an Apple-friendly microphone and inline remote. The disadvantage however, is that the microphone and inline remote will not work with non-Apple products.

Great Noise Cancellation Quality

Looks very much like the Bose QuietComfort 15, the Able Planet Clear Harmony NC1050 sets apart from its competitors by its noise cancellation quality. The headphones strength however, relies on its sound quality, making it a very competitive headphone giant in the market. It also has a very strong bass, and active noise cancellation. It runs on AAA batteries however, making it a little tedious when the battery runs out.

With the plethora of noise-cancelling headphones in the market today, one may be in a dilemma to choose which one is compatible with its user. With these top 5 noise cancelling headphones, you will never go wrong. Just make sure that you are alert when wearing these things!

Perfect Reasons To Be Single

Everybody is trying hard to get into relationship or marriage not knowing the side effects. In this article, if you are such person who entered into a marriage or relationship hurriedly you will get to know some of the best reasons why it is good to remain single. This will help you answer someone in future in case you will be asked why you are single. The main reasons for staying reasons include:

Your business, profession or career will benefit

When you are in a marriage or relationship, you will take too much time with your wife or girlfriend since they will need you to be with them. However, if you are single you will not need to be with anybody hence you will be able to concentrate on your business, profession or career leading to significant benefits.

7 Reasons to Be Happy Even if Things Aren’t Perfect Now

7 Reasons to Be Happy Even if Things Aren’t Perfect Now

You look healthier and better

Most of the free time that one has before marriage always disappears after tying the knot. This will make them busy always hence leading to stress which might eventually lead to a disease. You will not be eating as required or doing some fitness exercise since you will be having many things in mind to resolve, while most single guys or ladies will attempt to maintain their good shape so as to attract opposite sex. This will make them look healthier and much better than someone in a relationship.

You can have your private space

You will be free when you are single to do anything you admire in your private capacity. There will be nobody to interfere with your privacy. For example, you may think of not listening about any nagging you may have committed in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

When you can save money by spending more

When you can save money by spending more

You can save money

Even though single individuals might spend much cash to meet other single individuals by sharing drinks or going out, it does not approximate to the amount you will use when you are in a relationship. For example, you have to purchase gifts and organize for outings if you have a serious relationship. The other instance is when you are married; you will spend much on responsibilities such as family vacations, children expenses or home remodels.

Sex is much better

Despite the fact that there are many advantages of spending with one person like knowing their likes and dislikes, sex life can be very boring. When you are single you can experience a different sex life with different people every moment. This will enhance better sexual activity which cannot be enjoyed by a married or engaged person.

You are not limited to what you watch on television

When single you will be able to watch what you like on any channel since there will be no one to interfere. However, when you are engaged, you may not watch whatever you like since the opposite partner might not be free watching what you are watching. Therefore you will be limited to watch what both of you likes.

You have a lot of time to be with friends

The initial thing that everybody tells their pal when they enter into a relationship is that there will be nothing which will happen and they will still be going with their former friends. This never happens because the friends will start to disappear as soon as they realize you are in a relationship. However, when you are single you can go with your friends since you will not be barred by anybody.

By considering the above reasons, it is not a bad idea to be single. You will save more money as well as have too much freedom to do whatever you like. Therefore the next time you are accused of being single, you will have adequate feedback to provide.

Banish The Muffin Top

A muffin top is any woman’s worst nightmare that unfortunately comes true for most women, as it is a common post pregnancy phenomenon. Gross as it may appear, this is the reality that many women resign themselves to after the initial horror at having one is gotten over. However that needn’t be every woman’s fate, as a muffin top can be got rid of.

What causes a muffin top?

Like most forms of weight problems, a muffin top which is essentially excess abdominal weight is to quite an extent caused by bad diet and a lack of exercise. However an important factor for women in the 40 to 45 age group is the fall in the level of the hormone estrogen and the corresponding rise in the level of another hormone androgen which causes the weight to be stored in the stomach region. So nature is as much a culprit as lifestyle.

A Girlfriends Guide to Muffin Tops!!!!

A Girlfriends Guide to Muffin Tops!!!!

Getting rid of a muffin top

Because of the changed physiology of the body, getting rid of a muffin top certainly requires some dedication and hard work. It is not as if all you need to do is to read up tips on 5 Ways to Cure a ‘Muffin Top’ and you will get rid of it in no time. For one, a fair amount of physical activity, balanced and sensible eating, a stress free lifestyle and adequate sleep are now non negotiable. One should also get into the habit of observing a calibrated regime of cardiovascular and weight training that will help reduce overall body fat.

Types of exercise and diet that are helpful

The basic idea of exercise is to do stuff that gets the heart rate up, which in turn helps burn body fat. Among the types of exercise that are extremely effective are kick-boxing, squats and lunges that impact the core stomach muscles, but the key remains the efficient burning of body fat. One should switch to wholegrain and totally desist from consuming refined and processed food. What is called a Mediterranean diet is known to be very effective in reducing the size of one’s stomach bulge. This involves eating a lot of vegetables and fruit and complimenting that by consuming nuts, seeds, fish and olive oil.



Now a lot of the women who are desperate to get rid of a muffin top are motivated by the dictates of modern fashion trends that require women to have lean and toned bodies, so that they can carry of their various low waist jeans and trousers. In the old days one might have just worn a pair of baggy trousers to make a muffin top disappears. However the real reason for wanting to get rid of a muffin top has to be health. Having fat stored around your waist is usually the indication of more serious health issues like diabetes, which in turn can lead to a host of complications. So it is in every woman’s best self interest to work off the muffin top. Both from the point of view of looks and health, getting rid of a muffin top may be hard work, but it’s well worth the effort.

Five Ways In Which Your small Business Can Benefit From using Pinterest


Pinterest has grown to rank among the most popular networking sites in the universe. More brands are using this to their advantage to promote their services and products. Pinterest provides a great platform in terms of interaction, online presence and web traffic. On the other hand, pinterest ranks very high in terms of referral traffic. Therefore, marketers need to recognize the endless benefits this social networking site has to offer.

Ways in which your small business (brand) can reach out on pinterest:

Employee boards

Pinterest is great for employee recommendations. Therefore, each employee can have their own board to play with. This is perfect for every employee to showcase their work and related images in order to give customers a personal touch of their individual styles. Employees are hired mainly for their expertise and they contribute a huge aspect of your brand. Therefore, they should be given an opportunity to demonstrate their sensibilities, interests and styles.

56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

Customer boards

Customers are the main reason for your existence since they buy your services and/or products. Therefore, they are presumably happy about what you have to offer. Opening up customer boards preferably for loyal customers is a great way of letting them share what they have in mind mainly regarding your products and services. This will open up an avenue for customers to show how they are using the products. This will be a great source of inspiration for potential customers.

Ideas and usage of products

Besides showing off what your small business has to offer, pinterest offers an essential platform of demonstrating and explaining to customers how they can use their products. Therefore, your customers will know how to use the products you sell and even get a pointy of reference just in case they run into any sort of trouble. For instance, food chains could post recipes on their boards so that customers may know how to use the food and avoid any disappointments.

Sharing content

Content marketing has become quite popular nowadays. Content marketing essentially means creating content for customers. This could be in form of e-books, blogs, and videos. However, creating content is not enough; it needs to be shared in order to reach the target audience. Besides placing such content on the business website and YouTube, it can also be pinned on the business board on pinterest in order to reach a wider audience. Sharing your own content as well as other interesting blogs is a great source of traffic.

5 Ways Social Media Helps Small Businesses Grow

5 Ways Social Media Helps Small Businesses Grow


Regardless of the type of business and size, pinterest is a great place for contests. Many great and successful brands have held “Pin it to win it” contests on pinterest. This is a way to give customers an opportunity to win a prize that is related to your brand as well as market products and services affiliated to your brand. This is a great way to build engagement and buzz as well as getting user-generated content on your board.


These great ways of using pinterest will definitely work for your small business. However, you need to understand your customers and figure out if they use pinterest and also how they use it in order to use pinterest effectively to the advantage of your brand.